I’m Almost Already Gone

The third song in my One Long Year song cycle , this song accompanies Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday’s themes of mortality are amplified and seen through unbelieving eyes. Look out. It’s pretty depressing stuff. Take a listen: MP3.

1. Dust to dust and ashes to ashes
And whatever way the cold wind blows.
Iron to rust, and flames in the grass.
You just don’t know.

You just don’t know
When your day will come,
But your ending is clear.
No one’s sure
where we go,
but I’m sure it won’t be here.

I don’t need a cross of ashes,
‘cause I’m already marked
with a curse of death and dispassion
that I wear like a scar.

I don’t need a cross of ashes
To remind me that I’m the dirt’s favorite son.
I came from dust and to dust I’ll pass, and
I’m almost already gone

2. I’m paying for sins I have yet to commit—
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
I suffer the sting of poison that Adam bit.
Haven’t I had enough?

Enough remorse 
For my father’s sins;
We’re all sacks of dirt in the end.
You can sing your songs,
But in your dry heart you know
It’s your own grave you’re filling in. CHORUS

3. I was born alone and I’ll die alone. And in between
I’ll share some loneliness with you.
We’ll share our dirt and we’ll call it love;
It’s all we can do.

All we can do
In the meantime,
Until the wind sweeps us on,
Is huddle close
Against the cold,
But it still chills me to the bone. CHORUS

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