91 Days, October

Whereas the first movement of 91 Days is a lively tango, the second movement slows to a bi-tonal ballad. (Bi-tonal, for those of you who didn’t study music theory, is when two different “keys” are sounding simultaneously. A famous example would be Charles Ives’ “The Unanswered Question.”) I quite like the way the violin and piano are like oil and water that swirl around each other, but never quite join.

Movement 2, October: PDF, MP3

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  1. brownium says:

    I caught this while driving yesterday, and was a bit stunned. This is totally killer. Doesn’t hurt that the performance is top notch, either. More like this one (specifically this one – I like September).

  2. brownium says:

    Wait – I just realized I commented on October, thought I was on September. Anyhow, September is my favorite.

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