What Wondrous Love, quartet


Clint Harris, 1954-2015

Update 3/12/22: Sheet music for this arrangement is now available at gregscheer.com.

Clint Harris died this week. I didn’t know him well, but everyone seems to agree he was a man who lived fully and loved deeply.

As often as I can, I compose a little something for church member funerals. In this case, the family asked that at some point in the service I sing and play my guitar, and I thought it would be a nice touch to round out the guitar with the string players who would be at the service.

I returned to one of my favorite songs, “What Wondrous Love.” I’ve arranged it before, but keep returning to it, perhaps because it’s one of those songs that is so elusively beautiful that I hope the next time I’ll get it right. It’s also perfect for a funeral, because it begins with the story of redemption and ends in eternity.

This was recorded as people walked in before the service, so it’s quite noisy.

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  1. Paul Davidson says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song in a beautiful performance of a beautiful setting. I was blessed.

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