You may know that I’m writing my second book. With a due date of October 5 (my birthday, in case you’re wondering), I’m spending long stretches of time alone, focused on writing and editing while everyone else frolics outside my window (metaphorically). It reminded me of a song I wrote in 1988 when I was two months into a year of study in Salzburg, Austria. “Heimweh” means “homesick” in German. It’s a song about being alone and far away, wondering how things are changing while you’re away. Writing a book feels a lot like that right about now.

It seems a dream; has it been days or years?
One day I’ll leave, and I’ll come back to you.

The song was recorded in 1993 on an album called “from the hand of…” The mixing leaves a lot to be desired, but the songsĀ still hold up. I think you should listen to the whole album.

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