Wendell Kimbrough promo

My friend Wendell Kimbrough asked me to do a promotional video for his Kickstarter campaign. I had a little too much fun with it, as you can see from this YouTube video. I’m pleased to report that his fundraising¬†campaign was successful. (Due, I’m quite certain, to my endorsement…) Now that he has nothing to lose from bad publicity, I thought I’d unveil the first take of my promotional video:

1. When I think of worship, I think of Jesus–
Jesus and Wendell Kimbrough.
Wendell wants to make an album and he needs us;
needs us to help him make this thing go.

Why don’t you donate today?
There are so many ways to pay:
credit card or check,
bitcoin or debit.
Together we will make a way.

2. Jesus doesn’t have an album–thought that would be awesome–
so people have to write their own songs.
Wendell Kimbrough writes songs that are awesome,
and I hear that everybody sings them in heaven. (refrain)

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  1. stephen says:

    Why is the image reversed?

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