Happy Trevonian New Year!

Trevonia was invented many years ago by my friends, Ron and Deb Rienstra (with some help from the Keeleys?) when their children were small. They wanted the kids to enjoy the change of year but didn’t want to keep them up until midnight to do it. The solution? Trevonian midnight, celebrated at some random point in the evening because, after all, it’s a floating island somewhere in the Atlantic. Over the years, Trevonian New Year came to be celebrated with potato chip toasts, drum circles, and other party peculiarities that you won’t wake up regretting the next morning.

We’ve been attending these Rienstra soirees for a few years now. This year I decided to offer a new Trevonian New Year tradition: singing the Trevonian National Anthem. It is not the most sophisticated music I’ve ever written. So sue me.

Above are two renditions, each with its unique charm. Do these people know how to party or what? If poring over Victorian harmonies and hackneyed verse is your thing, feel free to download the music. All profits go to the Trevonian Center for Culture and Disease Control.


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