If You Use It, Put It Back

America’s favorite boy band is back!

The Scheer Boys (Simon on bass, Theo on cello, Greg on voice/guitar) have a new hit, and this one is for the kids. You know who you are. And you know that you drive your parents crazy by using things around the house and not returning them to their proper places. Maybe you cook something and then leave dirty dishes strewn all over the kitchen. Or you use your Dad’s phone and return it with a gallery of marmoset monkey pictures open. Or you use your father’s favorite composing pencils and eraser which seem like they would be just right for drawing a comic but then suddenly your father tries to write down a melodic idea and all he has are pencils with dull tips and no erasers. These are random examples.

Well, kids, this song is for you. It’s a little reminder that if you use something, you should put it back. It’s only right.

The Scheer Boys recorded the first verse–the heavy-handed, guilt-ridden verse sung from the exasperated, finger-wagging parent’s point of view. We’d be very pleased if children all over the world recorded the second verse–sung from the dutiful if somewhat dreary child’s point of view. Here’s the music: PDF. Get to work, kids!

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One Response to If You Use It, Put It Back

  1. Karen says:

    That was my dad’s rule. I still have a package of lighter flints in my desk (formerly his desk), though no one in our family has used lighter flints for years, because I’m afraid to move them.
    I also have a rusty hammer, which he bequeathed to me after I left it in the yard for a few days. Of course I had to buy him a new one.
    Good rule.
    Good song.

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