We’re Holding On for Dear Life

In 2014, I wrote a song cycle called, “One Long Year,” a set of songs chronicling the unraveling of the narrator’s life over the course of a year. It has only seen the light of day in demo form. I hope to change that sometime next year with a performance by the St. Sinner Orchestra. In the meantime, I’ve never been quite satisfied with the opening song, so this morning I gave it another try. This new one is more poetic and ethereal–which is where the song cycle ends. It feels like it might be able to introduce and frame the song cycle well. Feel free to compare it to the previous opening song, listen to it in context of the larger song cycle, and offer feedback.

 Raindrops explode and combine;
they stream down windowpanes in the night.
Cars pass in brief bursts of headlights;
shine like stars falling from night skies.
   We’re holding on for dear life.

Warm breath, exhaled, intertwined;
this breath is it yours? Is it mine?
Can two hearts resonate, synchronize?
As the universe keeps time
   we’re holding on for dear life.

This night will never end.

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