Savior of the Nations, Come (String Orchestra)

Carlos and I being served drinks by a statue in Indianapolis.

Update 10/28/21: Sheet music for this piece can now be purchased at

My friend Carlos Col√≥n directs worship at Baylor University. He recently asked if I had anything for string quintet that might work as an interlude for an upcoming Advent service. And he needed it quickly. I sent him a few ideas, including this fugal intro to the Advent hymn, “Savior of the Nations, Come.” I thought I was going to be able to simply adapt what I had written before, but once I got started it was clear that I needed to rewrite it from the ground up. Two days from inquiry to completed score. That’s how I roll.

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7 Responses to Savior of the Nations, Come (String Orchestra)

  1. Samuel Meade says:

    Hello Greg,

    My name is Sam Meade and I was wondering if I might be able to get the string parts to Savior of the Nations, Come? It is very well written and would be super appropriate for Christmas gigs or a youth string orchestra program.

    Thanks for writing good music,

  2. Josh Taylor says:

    Hi Greg- your timing on this piece is just amazing. I am in need of something- in a hurry for this hymn for Sunday morning. Could I possibly get the parts?

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