O One with God the Father @ Church of the Servant

From this blog, you may get the impression that my compositional life has been dormant. On the contrary! I have been so busy composing new music that I haven’t had time to document my musical activities here. Over the next few days, I will try to catch up on the backlog of recordings that have never quite made it to my blog.

First up is this recording of “O One with God the Father.” You’ll remember the song first made its appearance in this blog in 2018. A few months later, my friends at Church of the Servant (my “alma mater” church) sang it in one of their services.

One of the tests of a congregational song is whether it can thrive outside its original context. In the church where a song is written, the people may be emotionally attached to the song because they know the writer, or they may have extra help learning the song. When a song is sung at a new church, it is just a song. That’s when you find out if it “has legs.” It sounds to me like this new song worked pretty well at COS. Maybe it has a future!

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