Psalm 114: The Hills and Mountains Tremble

As my country–and many others–discuss the growing number of refugees, it’s important to remember that the Bible has much to say on the subject. Ruth, Israel, and Jesus were all refugees. The Old Testament continually reminds Israel to be kind to foreigners, because they were once refugees. The New Testament focuses more on our adoption by God, though we were once strangers.

Psalm 114 tells of the miracle of God rescuing Israel from Egypt and turning them into the living sanctuary of God. My hope is that singing stories like Psalm 114 will help us frame our current conversations more biblically. Here are all the resources you need for this musical version of Psalm 114.

The Choral Scholars sing a quick demo: MP3
The leadsheet: PDF
The piano accompaniment: email me
A related song, Tremble Before the Lord: demo, sleep deprivation remix

  1. When God delivered Israel from Egypt’s tyranny,
    the sanctuary of the Lord was built from refugees.
    We, too, are weary wanderers, just pilgrims on our way.
    And God still builds a temple from the bricks of human faith.

The hills and mountains tremble,
the rivers stand in awe,
for in this pilgrim people
is the presence of the Lord.

2. O sea, why do you shrink away, receding at his voice?
O hills why do you spring to life to dance and sing for joy?
We all rejoice at God’s good works, like mountains, hills and seas,
and celebrate each heart renewed, each slave and prisoner freed. (refrain)

3. The presence of the Lord, it shakes the earth with joy and fear.
The waters flood where rocks once stood and fresh new springs appear.
The presence of the Lord still shakes all kingdoms of this globe,
and living water still flows out from God’s celestial throne. (refrain)

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