One. Long. Year. #1 We’re Holding On

In 2020, the St. Sinner Orchestra is releasing an album entitled One. Long. Year. This is an ambitious project in two ways:

  1. One. Long. Year. is a concept album following the inner life of an unnamed protagonist throughout the course of a year. The songs start on New Year’s Day with new love and hope for the future (“We’re Holding On”). But by Valentine’s Day, tiny cracks begin to appear in the relationship (“Never Perfect”) and the darkness that resides as a seed in every heart begins to grow into a vine that threatens to choke out all that is good. By New Year’s Eve 365 days later, the protagonist’s life has unraveled completely.
  2. One. Long. Year. is a serial album. I will release the 10 tracks where they occur on the calendar throughout the year. “Almost Already Gone” on Ash Wednesday, “Am I the Only One (Who Wishes Summer Would End)?” on July 4, etc.

It should also be noted that this album is recorded more-or-less live with two microphones. This may not be the most polished album of 2020, but it is honest music played by real musical friends. I think the world needs more of that.

Let’s begin our musical journey with “We’re Holding On.” (It starts quietly.)

1. Raindrops explode and combine;
they stream down windowpanes in the night.
Cars pass in brief bursts of light;
shine like stars falling from night skies.

We’re holding on for dear life.

2. Warm breath, exhaled, intertwined;
this breath is it yours? Is it mine?
Can two hearts resonate, synchronize?
As the universe keeps time,

We’re holding on for dear life.

This night will never end.

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