Your Stupid Phone

If you are anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with your phone. On the one hand, all the knowledge of civilization rests in the palm of your hands. On the other hand, that needy little chunk of technology demands more and more of your attention, leaving precious little for anything else. I fear that many of us–that I–am living my life through a 2×3 inch window that is only somewhat like real life. More and more I find myself wanting to cut the cords of virtuality and lose myself in the tiny details of this beautiful world.

All these musings turned into a song that starts out with a jealous lover and moves to all the joys that an enfleshed existence offers.

On technical note, I used this recording to experiment with the drum set I just moved to my office. I’m very happy about having drums just a few feet away from my desk. My coworkers? Not so much.

1. Your stupid phone doesn’t love you like I do.
Your stupid phone doesn’t love you at all.
No one at all could love you like I do.
No one at all, no one at all.

‘Cause I’m here
and I’m real,
and isn’t that what we all want?
So put down your stupid phone.

2. Do you ever see the beauty around you?
Does the mundane wonder of the world ever put you in awe? [leave you enthralled]
Take notice of the humming life that surrounds you.
Are you ever overwhelmed by the tragic joy of it all?

Pen to paper, clay to wheel.
All I want is something real.

The heat of coffee, the smell of toast,
butter on the tongue; what could matter more?

Sun on skin, feet on the ground,
air in the lungs–these are things that count.

Skin to skin, eye to eye,
breath to breath, life to life.

Pen to paper, clay to wheel.
All I want is something real.

All I want is something real.

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One Response to Your Stupid Phone

  1. Theo Scheer says:

    I love it! It’s like a sequel to Hammer on Wood.

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