Psalm 57: The Thunder’s Rage Is Roaring (with Kate Bluett)

I met Kate Bluett through a Facebook group in which we’re both members: Liturgy Fellowship. After she won first place in a song contest and I placed second (always the bridesmaid!) I introduced myself and asked if she’d like to collaborate. The first fruit of our collaboration is a fresh setting of Psalm 57.

Kate did a great job of capturing a difficult Psalm. The first verse teases out the storm imagery that accompanies the famous “I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” The second verse focuses on the Psalmist’s foes who are laying traps. The third verse is my favorite; Kate not only includes the beautiful “I will awaken the dawn with singing” of the original Psalm but concludes with the point that the temporary terrors of the night are momentary, whereas God’s love never ends.

Musically, I wanted something bold and energetic. The opening octave leap does just that. “Pow!” It says. The above demo borders on stoner rock, but I could also imagine it being sung in the style of a sea chanty. (Any TikTokkers want to cover it?) The tune name, by the way, is DO NOT DESTROY. (David already named it in the Psalm itself. Who am I to argue?)

1. The thunder’s rage is roaring,
and lightning flames on high.
I lift my voice, imploring,
but who will hear my cry?
My God, come down; restore me!
From heaven now draw nigh!
Your guarding wings spread o’er me
’til storms have passed me by.

2. My foes, they hunt and hound me;
my grave they have prepared.
Like lions they surround me,
their words as sharp as spears.
My God, come down; confound them
and catch them in their snares,
Your saving love has found me
and held me in your care.

3. O God, my heart is ready
to sing and wake the dawn,
for thunder fades already,
the storm will soon be gone
No night outlasts your heaven,
where terrors all are done.
Your mercy lasts forever,
your love goes on and on!

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