Abide with Us (Emmaus Road)

My blog has been quieter than usual because my time has been devoted to a super-secret, epically large composition. But I still try to find time for a little musical bonbon here and there. In this case, the musical bonbon is a short chorus written and rewritten in fits and starts throughout the day and recorded in the hour remaining before I had to leave for the day.

The idea started as I was contemplating an upcoming sermon on the road to Emmaus. It’s a great story: Jesus appears to the disciples after his resurrection, cleverly disguised as a fellow traveler. He blows their minds by explaining how all the prophets point to the Messiah’s death and resurrection. They invite him to stay with them, and at the evening meal, their eyes are opened as he breaks bread with them.

This 12 measure Gospel chorus attempts to distill some key elements of that story. “Abide with us.” Something about the stranger makes them want to spend more time with him. This is true for us, as well. Something about Jesus compels us to know him moreā€“to abide, to dwell, to stay by his side. “Our eyes are opened.” The Spirit opens our eyes to Jesus, the Word of God. “Our hearts awoken.” The disciples, recalling their conversation with Jesus say, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us?” Indeed, Christ wakes something in our hearts that creates a desire for more.

Abide with us.
Abide with us.
Our eyes are opened,
our hearts awoken,
abide with us.

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