This week’s jazz tune is called “Jenopédie.” What does that mean, you wonder? Well, certainly you’ve heard Erik Satie’s iconic “Gymnopédie #1.” As I worked on my tune I realized that it shared the same opening chords as that piece. So, with the tip of my bowler hat to Satie, I combined his composition’s title and my wife’s name (Jen) to create “Jenopédie.”

The tune doesn’t fit the normal categories one encounters with jazz standards–swing, bossa, waltz, etc–but instead falls in the cracks somewhere between ballad and I’m not sure what. Indeed, that’s one of things I like about it. It feels fresh but also familiar.

It seems to have struck a chord. You can hear the hostess walk up to us in the middle of the song and ask what it is and tell us how much she likes it!

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