No More Need to Be Blue

The jazz tune of the week is “No More Need to Be Blue.” It is all sunshine and light. In fact, I wrote some lyrics for this one, and they’re all about the hope of a new morning after a long, dark night. I’m not sure how many jazz tunes with lyrics I’ll write, but I have noticed a distinct lack of lyrical depth in vocal jazz. I would love to hear more introspection and insight in a music genre that has so much emotion.

Today, today the light streams in,
your life begins again.
It somehow feels like the start of something new.

And now, now that the night is finally done,
you turn to face the morning sun:
nothing to hide or to lose.

All those dark days that you’re leaving behind
will fade away like morning dew.
All the sadness will disappear in dawning light.

There’s no more need to be blue.
There’s no more need to be blue.

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