Psalm 135: I Know the Lord Is Great! (with Hunter Lynch)

Update: Sheet music for this song is now available at

Almost exactly one year ago, Hunter Lynch and I released our first song together. Now we’re back at it with something very different. Hunter sent me a lyric based on Psalm 135 that was an exuberant ode to God’s might. My first draft was folk rock. I let it simmer for a while. When I came back to it, I knew I wanted to keep the syncopated phrase “i KNOW the LORD is GREAT,” but now I was feeling it in more of a pop gospel style.

As it developed, it became more and more complex until, quite frankly, I doubt it could be sung by a congregation. But maybe someday, some kind gospel choir will adopt this as their own.

1. Praise the name of the Lord;
every servant, sing out!
You who serve in his house,
in the courts of our God:
praise the Lord, our God is good;
sing unending praise.
We’re the people that God chose by name.

I know the Lord is great!
I know the Lord is great!
I know the Lord is great,
above all gods.

From sky to sea, he reigns!
From sky to sea, he reigns
above all gods.
I know the Lord is great
above all gods.

2. Where God’s people were bound,
he brought wonders and signs.
Casting kings from their thrones,
showing nations his might.
God’s renown and mighty name,
sing til end of days.
Those he loves, he pardons and he saves. (Chorus)

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