I continue to explore jazz, this time with a healthy dose of classical composition technique. “Trio” is so named because it’s written for 3 players and in “3” (3/4 meter). More interestingly, the three players play a 3-part canon. Player #1 begins the canon (also known as a round), followed by Player #2 eight bars later, and Player #3 eight bars after that.

While this canon could theoretically continue repeating into infinity, my hope is to perform this with three musicians who will begin to improvise once their written melodies are finished. Imagine: three players improvising at the same time, like Dixieland, but more serene. Then, one at a time, they’ll come back to the head and take the coda to end the song.

For now, we will have to satisfy our ears with a quick demo of just the melody and coda.

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