Blue Turned Green

I had an idea for a jazz tune: it would be a minor blues in A minor, but instead of heading to the D minor chord as its next move, it would move down to a G minor. [I know, I know, what an exciting life I live with all these important decisions.]

Well, I had it pretty much done–I had even named it “Mode Blue”–when I began playing around with the chords and found myself writing a completely different tune over the same harmonic sequence. The new tune was equally fetching. I couldn’t decide between the two.

But wait… Something began to change. The new tune started to feel different. It didn’t want to be a minor blues swing at all! It wanted to be more of a smooth jazz tune. Who was I to argue? Since it was no longer a blues, I named it “Blue Turned Green.”

Maybe someday I’ll record “Mode Blue” and put the two songs side by side so you can decide which one you like better.

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