Psalm 119: Beth

Continuing our series from Psalm 119, here is Beth. Beth is not only a woman’s name and the title of a ballad by Kiss; it is also the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In this second section of Psalm 119 the Psalmist continues an acrostic meditation on God’s law.

Musically, this is my favorite of the three movements. There is just a lot of interesting stuff going on, with twists and turns throughout. You wouldn’t think that rock, slinky funk, choral, classical piano, the Chinese erhu, and minimalism could hang together coherently in the same 11-minute musical frame, but somehow they do.

All the tracks were recorded by me in my home studio using Logic Pro.

ב Beth

How can the young remain on the path of the pure?
By walking in the way of your Word.

With all my heart I seek you. 
Let me not wander from your way.
Within my heart, I treasure your Word.
Let me not sin against you.

Blessed are you, my Lord.
Oh, that I would learn your law.

I recount with my lips
all the words of your mouth.
I rejoice in the way 
of your Word more than wealth.

I meditate upon your precepts
and gaze upon your paths.
I will delight in your law.
I will not neglect your Word.

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