Hallel Post-Glory

source site I spent the day writing just as fast as I could and spent the evening doing a read-through of my Hallel Psalms with some friends. Here is part of the fruit of our labors. Once again, I’ll come up with a better title for the piece at some point in the future. For now, the name “Hallel Post-Glory” identifies it as the movement in the larger Hallel piece that comes after the song “For the Glory of Your Name.”


http://movingwithmath.com/?sjsl=colorbox,shopp,catalog,cart It’s always fun to hear a composition played by real musicians (as opposed to Finale’s robotic playback) for the first time. That just never gets old.


http://allsellingaside.com//wp-content/plugins/dzs-zoomsounds/package.json Listen and look.

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