Laugh and Sing

Hot off the press and 34% more ridiculous than ever before: Laugh and Sing.

I read the instructions for the week 4 FAWM challenge, Mix Modes, and I couldn’t resist. This is an utterly morose song on the theme of joy and laughter. Added bonus: it’s sung in my very best taking-it-way-too-seriously open mic style.

Some people ask why I’m happy,
Smile at each person I see.
The wonder what is the secret
To living joyfully.

I always smile right at them,
Tell them, “The spring in my step
Comes from two words that I live by
That lead me to true happiness.”

I love to laugh and sing,
Laugh and sing.
I share the joy that’s inside me
Let the merriment ring:

Ha, ha, ha, ha…

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