Two more love songs with Colin

I just returned from 2 weeks in Uganda. To assuage your eager ears while I catch up with things, here are two songs I wrote with Colin Gordon-Farleigh before I left. The first is “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking” (PDF, MP3), a 1920s-style romp of a song. The second is a ballad called “Colours” (PDF, MP3).

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  1. Niloc Finklestein says:

    Hi there Greg!

    Is there no end to the prodigious talent of the two of you. What great songs these are! Lying here in my 6 x 4, looking up out of the small window onto the outside world, they remind me of a world that so many have almost forgotten about. I think of green grass, flowers, trees, butterflies and freedom.

    Well, I must admit that not everything in my comment is the whole truth, but the bit about your ‘prodigious talent’ most certainly is!

    Welcome back form Africa. I’m sure it will have changed your life a bit. It certainly changed mine when I was there.

    Your good friend,

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