Psalm 82: Stick it to the Man

This Sunday at Church of the Servant we sang the Psalter Hymnal version of Psalm 82, “There Where the Judges Gather.” After the service Ron and Deb Rienstra commented that the tune which accompanied the text was too nice. What it really needed was a tune that got across the “stick it to the man” tone of the Psalm.

How could I resist?

I spent the next few days writing and recording this new version of “There Where the Judges Gather.” The tune, appropriately enough, is called “STICK IT TO THE MAN.” Do punk rock and metrical Psalms go together? You be the judge. Listen to the MP3 or download the lead sheet.

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1 Response to Psalm 82: Stick it to the Man

  1. Amy says:

    Did you add “oppressed” in there just for lil ol me? How sweet!

    Will the tune move us to act, or act as catharctic? Only the judges can judge…

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