Did Greg Invent Techno?

Back in 1987, I went in the URI recording studio to lay down a few songs on the 4 track reel-to-reel. The first two were “Walking” and “1,000 Hands” with Stephen Brown and Royce Gibson under the moniker Canon Tallis. The next was music for a short film called No Sneakers, which, incidentally, I never heard or saw in its final form. The final song was a sonic experiment called “Was Habe Ich Gemacht?” (“What Have I Done?”) that was comprised of layers of my bass and voice, sometimes at half speed and double speed. The final result sounds suspiciously like techno. But in 1987 techno was only a fledgling movement in Detroit. And I had never been to Detroit. So I must have invented it. Or co-invented it. While you wait for history to vindicate me, take a listen to “Was Habe Ich Gemacht?

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