Google Me!

¬†You may have heard that Google is planning to roll out super high speed (and free) internet in select cities across the nation. Which means, of course, that cities across the nation are vying for Google’s attention.

I, being true to my city, will not squander my skills on any other metropolitan area (even if they are offering a $150 worth of gift certificates to restaurants that are in driving distance). No, my heart is loyal to Grand Rapids, where citizens are joining together as one to extol their fine city’s virtues.

And that, my friends, is why I am contributing my new song “Google Me!” to the cause. I’m pretty sure that when the flash mob creates a human network on Marcy 19, they’re going to need some music. Here it is. Get dancing. And when people start shooting their videos, this is the soundtrack with the sizzle. And when Google rolls into town with its blazing fast network, Grand Rapids will sing one joyous, high speed chorus of “Google Me!”

Listen to the MP3 or download the higher quality AIF file.

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  1. greg says:

    Late breaking news: there’s now a video to go with the song:

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