Greg Scheer: a win-win situation

In a previous post, I complained (okay, whined) about being a runner-up and/or outright loser. But it seems my luck has changed.

This week I received word that I won the Top Golf theme song contest with my irritatingly catchy “Bring It On!” Even as I was still gloating about that big win, contemplating how many games $100 will buy at the Top Golf entertainment center in Chicago, and eating free pizza from my Google Me winnings, I found out that I came in fifth place in the Celldweller remix contest. Normally I would consider fifth place a beyond-consolation prize, but in this case I was pretty pleased. There were 80 entries and I was pretty far out of my stylistic comfort zone, so fifth place is, er, the best it’s gonna get. Thanks to everyone who took the time to go to the FiXT Remix website to vote for my song. I’ll share the prize in the form of a little extra distortion in my next recording, using the Ohmicide:Melohman distortion plugin I won as a prize.

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