Yesterday, I received an email:

Our client is looking to license a song for an upcoming TV commercial.  They need a song with lyrics that have the mention of “Home” in it, preferably where it’s resolving in the musical phrase (at the end of a line). The spot will be witty and humorous.  Be creative with it; it could be classic rock, folk, any genre is in play really.  There are two :15 spots, but we encourage you to submit pieces that are longer, :30 up to full songs.

I’ve been trying my best not to look at these, but I did. And I remembered that last week I had blown off some steam by playing around with a mic and some delay effects, and had ended up with a rhythmic “home” sounding phrase that was oddly compelling. Some ideas were floating around my head as I drove home yesterday.

This morning, I tried my best to ignore the ideas that continued to bounce around my brain, but finally I gave in. All told I spent about 2 hours from idea to completion. (“Sounds like it” you say.) I have no great expectation that this will get chosen for the commercial. If I were a betting man, I’d say that it will be another in a string of ignored recordings (ignordings?). But failed experiments can teach you something, right?

Take a listen to my latest failed experiment, “Home” and let me know what I should learn from it.

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  1. Donald M. Wilson says:

    Overall I think it’s good, especially the message conveyed by the words. But I think the intro is twice as long as it should be, and something’s missing from the back half. Here’s a suggestion: take half of the intro (4 of the 8 bars) and move them to just after the singing ends. That will preserve the excellent closing measures (with fadeout).

    Well, you did ask for feedback. –DMW [8-}

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