Nostalgic Recollections

Once again, Greg has been hooked by a call for recordings. This time, it looked like this:

Heartfelt and nostalgic instrumentals: Music needed for film scene. Instrumental Classical or cinematic music tracks. The music should be heartfelt and nostalgic. The song will be used in a scene where a man reflects back on memorable moments as he packs up his deceased wife’s belongings. This is a very emotional moment in the movie and the music should help with the delicate balance of loss and nostalgia the man is feeling in this scene. Instrumentals only. Slow to medium-slow tempo.

I took the challenge, not only because I thought I could complete this request by the cut off of midnight tonight, but because I’m trying to build my catalog for production libraries. A sparse, reflective instrumental could prove useful. It was also an opportunity to see what I could get out of Logic’s orchestral patches. So far it seems to be successful. My sister pronounced it lovely, but sad. My mother said, “that’s nice.” And Theo breaks out in melodramatic wailing every time he hears it.

So grab a kleenex, people, because I leave no heart string unplucked on this one: Nostalgic Recollections MP3

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  1. jonathan808 says:

    Beautiful. I’d love to experience it synced with the visual. Thanks.

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