Bright Idea/Joy to the World

Here’s how it works:

1. Theo’s taking a bath. I’m playing the guitar. I happen upon a little lick that I like. I jot it down. Just in case. (bright idea MP3)

2. Read the following opportunity listing:

Just in time for the Holiday season, our client is looking to license music for an upcoming advertising campaign. They are looking for something that lyrically helps tell the story of spreading joy, being out and about, feeling groovy, friendship and smiling. The track can have a modern or an older feel, but should feel original as opposed to Jingly/ Commercial. Should feel positive, simple, honest, happy, and be mid-tempo. They really want a song that is unique! This could be a great way to end your year with a bang and start the new year with some nice cash in your pockets!

3. Did they say “cash in your pockets”? Re-tool “Bright Idea” to fit the opportunity listing. Make it holiday-y without being too Christmas-y. (Joy to the World, draft MP3)

4. Add a bridge. Make “joy to the world” literal by adding a Penny whistle from Ireland, choir from South Africa, Tablas from India. Time it out to 60 seconds. Spend lots of time mixing, polishing, obsessing. (Joy to the World, final MP3)

5. Send it in.

6. Wait.

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