Odds and Ends, part 3

The Best Book to Read Is the Bible: MP3, PDF

At Church of the Servant we have a Basic English Service geared toward the many refugees and immigrants in the community who need a place to worship, but are still learning English. It’s a wonderful, collaborative effort between lifelong and recent Americans. One of my BES friends told me he’d like to sing a song that he learned at church in Nepal. He sang it into my mini-recorder and I transcribed it and made a simple arrangement that will allow our pianists to lead it.

A bit of internet searching seems to indicate that The Best Book is something like The B-I-B-L-E, but not as popular. Lots of bloggers refer to it, but I couldn’t find any music or recordings. I still have some questions about how the song goes, so if you know this song please contact me and let me know if I got it right!

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