Carry Me

In 2001 a call went out from a new group called Crimson Bridge for songs that would fit their style. I seem to remember them wanting something to the effect of

  • songs from a Christian perspective, but necessarily only for Christian audiences
  • themes that dealt with the weightier issues of life and faith
  • mature perspective (i.e. teeny bopper songs wouldn’t fit this group of women)
  • something their multivocal group could sink their teeth into

I don’t know that I ever heard back from them. (You wouldn’t believe how many people request songs and then don’t even respond to your submission. At least have the decency to acknowledge that you received the submission; preferably you should take the time to let them know why their song didn’t fit the project. But no, I’m not bitter.)

I came across this demo the other day and gave it another listen. I’ll be up front and say that the demo is cheesy. Fair enough. But I still kind of like the song itself. It’s written from the perspective of a person who is at an undisclosed juncture (illness? midlife crisis? failed relationship?) and is praying one of those nothing-to-lose honest prayers of doubt and faith that mark such crossroads.

I know this kind of straight up CCM pop is not everyone’s cup of tea, but expand your hipster horizons and give it a listen: Carry Me, MP3.

The days are filled with coffee,
and the nights last for days.
You never know where your life is going
But I didn’t think it would be this way.

How could I have seen it coming?
What could I have done to prepare?
Of all the places I thought I’d end up
it would be anywhere but here.

If Your love moves mountains,
and Your love soothes seas,
then I need Your love to reach down
and move and soothe my soul. I need your love
to carry me.

Who am I to question?
I’m in no place to make demands.
But you’ve led me into this wilderness
and I’m trying to understand:

Should I see hope on the horizon?
Should I find comfort in the past?
Right now I’m in between
and I don’t know how long it will last.


Your love has brought me here today,
to a place where I can’t see my way.
O Lord, there’s nothing I can do
if Your love doesn’t carry me through.

Nothing in this world is forever.
It burns like dew in the morning sun.
But longer than the earth will spin
Your love goes on and on.


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2 Responses to Carry Me

  1. sgb says:

    You know that there is a glitch at the end of this recording? About 3 seconds before the song ends there is some sort of anomoly like a tape that got crumbled, then after the song ends, a brief couple of notes played on a keyboard or something.

  2. gregscheer says:

    Yeah, that’s a special bonus for people who listen all the way through. Kind of like a ghost track, but before the song ends.

    It’s actually an artifact from the CD burner I was using with my old system. But now I don’t have the original recordings so we just have to live with it.

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