Revenge of the Killer B’s: Psalm 5, Hear My Words, O Lord

Update 10/6/20: Sheet music for this song can be downloaded here.

Next week, Psalms for All Seasons, a collection of a gazillion Psalm settings, will be given to every one who attends the Calvin Worship Symposium. Cry Out to God!, an accompanying CD made in collaboration with The Choral Scholars and a host of other friends, will also be released next week.

I’ve spent the last six months rehearsing, recording, and mixing this CD’s 22 songs. Along the way a number of songs have fallen by the wayside. In honor of the release of PfAS, I’m going to make a number of these songs available at my blog. You could call these songs “also rans,” “runner ups,” “the despised and rejected”; I call them Revenge of the Killer B’s in honor of an LP of the same name, which was a collection of B-sides* from various 80s artists.

First up is my setting of Psalm 5, “Hear My Words, O Lord.” It appears as Psalm 5C in the Psalms for All Seasons hymnal, but if you want the unsquished piano part you hear on this recording, see the link above. The recording is just a rough read through of the refrain without the reading. The reading allows the whole Psalm to be heard, and really lets the multiple voices of the original text come through.

*The back side of a single–if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, ask an old person.

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