2013 Spring Cleaning: Psalm 126

Once again, spring cleaning can unveil some ugly dust bunnies.

This version of Psalm 126 isn’t exactly an ugly dust bunny, but as I listen to it I hear a half dozen things I would change if I were doing it today. Okay, a dozen. But what’s done is done. Let me point out the interesting thing about the song: the verse and chorus sound like two different song parts (and they are) but then–voila!–they come together in perfect harmony.

I was quite proud of this contrapuntal trickery at the time, but I remember Dr. Gibbs, my composition teacher, becoming exasperated after seeing minute changes to the song three weeks in a row. He finally told me that we were done with this song and I was to bring in something new the following week.

Take a listen, won’t you?

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