One Take Terrors: Walk Away


Today begins a series of “One Take Terrors.” These are songs in my back catalog that deserve to be heard, but have never quite fit into a larger recording project. To let them see the light of day, I went through a stack of them all at once, recording them quickly, without any frills and with no overdubs. Just raw songs.

This first one is something of a country ballad. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember what inspired it. I’m not much of a lonesome wanderer, so it’s not biographical. But I guess I tapped into the weariness of a long distance relationship, right at the point you’re wondering how long it can go on.

Listen to “Walk Away.”

There comes a time when I wonder why I’m calling.
You’re on the line, but your voice sounds like it’s miles away–and it is.
How long can I pretend that our love is what it once was?
No matter how hard I try, you’re fading away a little more everyday.

You know if I could, I would stop this foolish wandering.
I’d make up my mind to turn around and make my way back to you.
I’d make my promise good, and we would have all we’ve dreamed of;
but I don’t know how…maybe promises and dreams are all the same in the end.
All the same.

There comes a time to end all my talking.
I hang up the phone, find the road, and walk away…
Walk away.

September, 1990


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