One Take Terror: Maybe Fall Will Say

I don’t know that you could classify me as a tree hugger, but I do have my moments of feeling connected to mother earth. In this song, nature takes on a playful persona. Anybody want to nominate this as Earth Day’s anthem?

Maybe Fall Will Say, MP3

Maybe Fall Will Say
Greg Scheer
August 1989

Rain taps at my window as if it would tell me
he has been here longer than I.
He’s got no time for talking. He just keeps on working —
Greeting the trees, show’ring their leaves.
He’s running down the side walk
and racing down the street —
jumps in the river swimming his way to the sea.
Drifts to the ocean, surfs into the beach,
soaks up sun in the sand, then does the whole thing again.

How long has the rain come down? rain come down? rain come down?
and how many times have ocean waves struck the sand and rock?

The trees they are waving. I think that they are asking,
“Won’t you come too, and dance in the rain?”
I leave my warm window to burst into the backyard —
throw off my shoes — what good would they do me?
Dancing in my bare feet completely spent I fall
on my back see the trees are laughing at me.
They can go on laughing. I’m content just to be here
watching the rain steam from my skin.

How oft have I seen the trees dancing in an Autumn’s rain?
How could I ever resist the urge to join in?

The stones have their secrets; their centuries of wisdom.
These ancient seers have been watching for years.
How long have the rocks remained since they saw the first day?
and how long will mother earth rotate? Maybe fall will say.

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