One Take Terror: T Bone Burnett

FearfulOur final installment of the One Take Terrors is named after one of my heroes, T Bone Burnett. I’ve been following him since well before his Brother, Where Art Thou fame. But my digging deep into the Alpha Band catalog (on vinyl, I might add) is not the point of this post or this song. It is the ineffable nature of beauty. The very things we treasure most, we can’t grasp.

Explore the ineffability: T Bone Burnett, MP3

TBone Burnett
Greg Scheer, 1987

I’ve always wanted to meet TBone Burnett,
Charles Williams, or TS Eliot.
I guess there’s things in life that
I’ll never get.
Let me start again.
Let me start again.

Better than yesterday is not good enough;
I’ll keep on looking.
Better than yesterday is not good enough;
I’ll keep on trying.

I’ve always wanted to be a little sparrow’s friend.
I walk up slowly with my hands outstretched.
I tell him God’s my father, too,
but he flies of into the wind.
Sparrow do you know something
that I don’t understand?
That I don’t understand.

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