Blest Is the Man Whose Bowels Move

What this world needs is more hymns about digestive regularity, don’t you agree?¬†Well, wait no longer, world, because Isaac Watts and Greg have you covered.

Two decades ago, a friend of mine showed me the Isaac Watts’ text “Blest Is the Man Whose Bowels Move.” We had a good laugh over it. Then, two summers ago the folks at and I led a “Weird Hymn Sing” featuring many of the quirky jewels we found as we added historic hymnals to our database. I seized the opportunity to write a new tune for this timeless Watts’ text. I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of this musical accomplishment.

Last week I had the chance to lead it again, and this time it was captured on a recording. You may want to read the music while listening to the MP3, because it all breaks down into laughter in the second verse. It’s also worth taking a look at the music because there are abundant humorous scatological references throughout.

If you’re interested in hearing the whole program, “Hymns that Time Forgot,” you can check out the MP3 (it’s large) and the program. Maybe you want to bring the quirkiest hymn sing on the planet to your town?…

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3 Responses to Blest Is the Man Whose Bowels Move

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  2. Peter Hardt says:

    Well, if you’re going to mock this song you’ll have to mock the Bible as well – at least antiquated versions of it, that use the same language.

    Your mockery just indicates that you don’t know how languages change over time. And you’re giving ammo to the worship leaders of today who point to this song and your mockery to excuse poor lyrics in today’s shallow “worship” songs.q

    • Greg Scheer says:

      Lighten up, Peter! If you don’t find a little humor in something like this I’m afraid you have a broken funny bone. This was not intended as a broad mockery of the old or endorsement of the new. Poke around this website a little and you’ll notice that I’ve shown my appreciation for Isaac Watts by setting ten of his texts to music. (

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