If I Leave It All Behind

I’ve had the seed of this song in my idea files for something like 10 years. I decided that it would fit well in the context of my One Long Year project, so I finally got down to the task of turning it from scattered chord patterns and lyric fragments into a full fledged song. My performance is poop. Sorry. In my sketches, I had ideas for two bridges. I decided to use both. It’s kind of unorthodox for a song to have two bridges, but I think it works. As always, your comments are welcome. I rarely cry myself to sleep when people suggest changes.

Listen with gracious ears to the  demo that I sang in one take into my laptop: If I Leave It All Behind, MP3.

As the year slowly unraveled
And what hope I had continued to unwind
It seemed the only thread remaining
led to another place and a whole new life.

Maybe this time I’ll get it right
Maybe this time
I will finally get it right
if I leave it all behind

No one’s gonna miss me
No one will apologize.
And I thought this time was different
How could I have been so blind?   CHORUS

From town to town, from place to place
It’s all the same
From time to time I wonder why
things never change.

I keep my options open.
expectations low, but my hopes are high.
If I put the past behind me,
Perhaps the future will be bright.   CHORUS

Maybe I just need some space, a change of scenery.
Shed some baggage, get a taste of being free.
The only thing I take from town to town is me—
It’s me.

In a hallway full of boxes
Suddenly I realize
That the only thing I’ve perfected
Is leaving everything behind   CHORUS

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