In Your Pentecostal Splendor

I was recently commissioned to arrange “In Your Pentecostal Splendor” for the Calvin College Lessons & Carols service. This hymn might be new to you, but at my church we sing it every week during one of our Pentecost season liturgies. The text was written by John E. Spears in 1916 and the tune EDEN CHURCH was written by Dale Wood in 1959. As far as I know, this text/tune combination only appears in our church’s Joyful Noises song collection.

It is scored for choir, brass, and organ. The arrangement features some fun antiphonal interplay between the brass and organ as well as a fluttering contrapuntal section for 3-part women. For now, a Finale-fied MP3 will have to suffice. To hear the real thing, join me on December 7 at LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church at either 3 p.m. or 6 p.m.


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  2. Dr Patrick Carter says:

    This hymn was written by Rev Canon John Speers in the late 1960s (not 1916!) and was first published in 1971. A literary scholar and gifted preacher, Canon Speers set this text to the tune EBENEZER. Born in Saskatchewan, Canon Speers served in a number of parishes in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto from the mid-1950s until his retirement in 1985 (including Trinity Aurora where he baptized me in 1967!). He died in 2012 (aged 95).

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