Kimbrough: Mighty God

I don’t usually post other people’s music, but I’ll make an exception here. Actually, I had a small hand in this, as it’s a collaboration of Wendell Kimbrough (, Ludwig van Beethoven (no website), and me (

Wendell used the “Ode to Joy” melody from the 9th symphony and wrote words based on the post-communion prayer in the¬†Book of Common Prayer. Then he added an “Amen” that is simple, but just right. My only role was to provide the verse chords from a previous “Ode to Joy” arrangement. Role up all the ingredients into one, and you have a tasty musical burrito¬†served fresh by the Guitarchestra: Mighty God, We Thank and Praise You, MP3.

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5 Responses to Kimbrough: Mighty God

  1. Melody Van Arragon says:

    May I get a lead sheet for this?

  2. Kyung Ko says:

    Would you be possible to have lead sheet/score for this one?

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