Minimoodles–for minimalist doodles–is a quickly conceived name for a quickly created recording of layered guitar riffs. Nothing earth shattering. On the other hand, it led to a good discussion of minimalism with my sons and a sampling of the first Knee Play of Philip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach. That’s got to be worth something.

Listen to Minimoodles.

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2 Responses to Minimoodles

  1. Elaine Hoekstra says:

    How refreshing! And just on a day and time that I needed to hear this! Many smiles, my heart a little lighter and wishing for more of your ‘minimoodles’. Thank you! ( as I thank you for all your ‘bits’ that you send out!)

    • Greg Scheer says:

      I’m glad you like it, Elaine. Now that I look at the word “Minimoodles” again, I realize that it looks like a new dog breed: Mastiff + Miniature Poodle = Minimoodle.

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