Banana Hook

Behold: the banana hook

The other day I was shopping for some kitchen stuff when I came across a banana hook. These things are awesome, because they let you hang your bananas to ripen like they do in their natural habitat, resulting in perfect, evenly ripened bananas.

My enthusiasm soon turned into song.

My first impulse was to make it a lounge lizard song extolling the virtues of various kitchen tools, from the point of view of a guy who thinks it would impress the ladies. But it soon morphed into a joyous surf rock romp. I especially love how the lyrics feel slightly naughty, as if there’s a double entendre. (There’s not.)

I’ve got a banana hook,
and I know how to use it.
Baby, won’t you take a look,
take a look at me?

‘Cause with my banana hook,
and the way I use it,
I ripen my bananas
so evenly.

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4 Responses to Banana Hook

  1. Ron Rienstra says:

    A little Hawaii 5-0, esp. with the brass near the end. Very nice. Gotta get me one of those hooks. Musical hooks, I mean.

  2. Lauren says:

    Bahaha! 1:26 = YES.

    Seriously, though. My bananas never, ever ripen evenly.

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