Psalm 82 live at COS

Update 10/1/20: Sheet music for this song can be downloaded here.

It is so rewarding when a song goes from something that was in your head or dots on paper and becomes something people can hear and sing. It never gets old.

This Sunday my most recent Psalm setting “Gathered in the Judgment Hall” was premiered at Church of the Servant. Special thanks to Erin De Young for singing and Scott Yonkers for pianoing.

If you’re interested in reading the dots on paper or the lyrics, see the link above.

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2 Responses to Psalm 82 live at COS

  1. Kate Snow says:

    Greg, I was so moved by this song on Sunday. With all the darkness and evil afoot in the world this summer, I really needed the reminder that God is ruling over all of it, and that his justice will come. Thank you.

    • Greg Scheer says:

      I’m glad to hear this, Kate. We need to be reminded over and over that God will have the last word, don’t we?

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