How Do We Know What’s Real?

I should participate in FAWM and do an Adopt-a-Psalm program every year. Even though there’s a certain amount of stress involved in writing 14 songs in the shortest month, I find that when I have to write it primes my pump to do more writing.

I was driving home tonight when the phrase, “We’ve all got this disease” drifted into my mind. By the time I was in the door, the first four lines were running through my head. Serendipity would have it that I was humming the melody in Eb minor, the darkest of keys. As my fingers searched to find their way in the uncharted territory of this accidental key, many discoveries were made. An hour later, I had recorded this introspective demo.

We’ve all got this disease
and sometimes it feels
like it’s the only thing
inside me.

Is any of this real?
Is this just a dream–
a series of scenes
and cycles of feelings?

How do we know what’s real?

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  1. Ron Rienstra says:

    Liturgical Epistemology!!!

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