Eagle Creek, Tremble Before the Lord

Eagle Creek: Eight Days ~ Moments in Time ~ Two Scenes from JMM on Vimeo.

Every once in a while I receive a note letting me know that someone has sung one of my songs in their church, or asking if a song could be included on a recording project. Last week, though, I opened my email to an unusual gift: someone had used my song “Tremble Before the Lord” (from Psalm 114) as the soundtrack to a stop-time video shot in Eagle Creek, New Mexico. Justin Medlock heard the song on the Cardiphonia Hallel Psalms track I recorded a few years ago. Besides fitting the tempo and length of his video, Justin has some interesting observation on how Psalm 114, my song, and his video went together:

The message of Psalm 114 is beautiful, especially how the Lord cares and provides for his people.  But I liked how your song emphasized creation trembling / falling down before the Lord with a strong but simple sense of worship. Joining the music with the timelapse brought it all together: the snow weighs down the pine tree boughs as if they are bowing before the Lord, the trees seem to dance to their King through shadows, the falling snow, the fleeting snow, and so forth.  (I understand that the word “tremble” might also be translated “dance”.)

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