Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart

E.H. Plumptre, author of “Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart.”

Update 11/4/21: Sheet music for this song can now be downloaded at gregscheer. com.

This hymn tune is another one that’s been hanging out in my idea folder for far too long. From the very beginning, the refrain was just how I wanted it: a perfect wedge of notes that vibrated with dissonant energy. The verse, however, was another story. It went through 3 or 4 entirely different drafts before I was satisfied.

What I like most about this hymn tune is that it twists, turns, and teeters on the edge of chaos without ever losing its melodic momentum. Let’s if you agree.

I would be very pleased to turn this into a festive choral anthem with organ and brass. If your church commissions it, you get to name the hymn tune! Alternately, if you want to write a new hymn text ( with refrain) to this tune, I’d be happy to collaborate with you.

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