Having Conquered Detroit

Last week, Theo and I journeyed to Detroit for the Inspire 2017 conference. After playing music for the conference worship services (me on bass, him on cello), eating Coney Island hot dogs, and visiting the creepily delightful Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, we headed home. To keep me awake on the drive, he played his ukulele and we made up a song. It is not a work of genius, but it’s quite a pleasant little ditty. And frankly, what do you expect from two people driving down the highway at 10 pm?

Having conquered Detroit,
confidently we march on.
Malcontent, maladroit,
with rhymes and harmonies like a pond.

Who says that we’re idiots?
They will have to meet my furious fists.
Having conquered Detroit,
you are next on my list.

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