Pilgrim Psalms: Everlasting Peace (Psalm 125)

I’ve already written music for Psalm 125 twice: “Those Who Trust” from my 2017 Adopt-a-Psalm program and an arrangement of Amorese/Zemuner’s beautiful “All Those Who Trust” in 2013. But this is a new series and it calls for new music!

In keeping with the Pilgrim Psalms series, this new setting of Psalm 125 has the voice at the center. Indeed, there are no instruments at all on this recording. Of course, you should feel free to try it with a praise band or a simple keyboard accompaniment.

Just in case you don’t pick up on my musical word-painting, Psalm 125 talks about God surrounding his people like Mount Zion circles Jerusalem; what better way to represent that image than with a round?

Those who trust in the Lord are encircled, secure,
surrounded like Zion, whose mountains endure.
Forever protected from evil’s misdeeds.
Forever they rest in God’s everlasting peace.

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